Archive #6

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       It’s tea o’clock! Abdelkader Benslimane with Queen Elisabeth II of Great Britain. And yes, Morocco has the best mint tea in the world. Queen Elisabeth is the longest-reigning monarch in British history. She has just celebrated 66 years on the throne in February 2018. Long live the Queen!

Archive #5

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        My idol, my source of motivation and inspiration. I am more than proud of my origins and my heritage. I aspire to be as great as my grandfather was. He is one of the greatest men in Moroccan history, politics, diplomacy and international affairs. Thank you for everything you have done for our country. There are no men like you today. May your soul rest in peace.

  • Archive 1: Debate on the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, United Nations Security Council, 1954. Dey Ould Sidi Baba with Simeon Olaosebikan of Nigeria.             
  • Archive 2: Dey Ould Sidi Baba and African delegates drafting a UNSC resolution, 1964. The resolution was sponsored jointly by Ivory Coast and Morocco and urged the South African government to end “arbitrary” trial of opposing leader of apartheid and to call off the execution of those already sentenced to death.
  • Archive 3: Dey Ould Sidi Baba, a convinced Africanist then a statesman alongside Presidents Nkawe Nkrumah of Ghana and Ahmed Sekou Toure of Guinea, the founding fathers of free Africa and Organization of African Unity. Dey joined their Pan-Africanist movement from an early age
  • Archive 4: Dey Ould Sidi Baba created the African Department within the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1959, before being appointed the ambassador to Guinea in 1961 by His Majesty King Hassan II.
  •  Archives 5 & 6: Streets in Morocco called after Dey Ould Sidi Baba.
  • Archive 7: “Contribution to the history of the Organization of African Unity” Dey Ould Sidi Baba, Royal Cabinet Director
  • Archive 8: Telquel tribute article: “Muslim scholar, diplomat, and patriot”, “Dey Ould Sidi Baba was Mauritanian, he chose to be Moroccan.”

 Archive #4

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              Abdelkader Benslimane with Yasser Arafat. Yasser Arafat is a Palestinian activist and statesman. He was the leader of Fatah and the Palestinian Liberation Organisation. For several decades, he was perceived as a controversial figure of the expression of Palestinian aspirations. He started appearing for Israel as a partner for discussions in the framework of the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations in the 1990s. Yasser Arafat received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994. In 2012, he was killed poisoned and the investigation regarding his case was dismissed. 
          All efforts to peace have been washed away by the Western world in the past decades. The Israeli-Palestine conflict has much deeper roots, back to war and colonization. The “civilized” world has been putting boundaries and diving us for too long. Western imperialist countries created conflicts between nations and ethnic groups. Today, Palestine is still not free. Today, there is a threat to international peace and security. Today, Jerusalem, the holy city of three different religions and capital of Palestine, is being taken away from them. As if losing their own home, identity, family, and friends were not enough. 
           This everlasting conflict shall come to an end. The United Nations Security Council’s structure is restricting the attempt to bring peace to this region of the world. The P5 and their veto power, especially the United States of America in this case, will never allow a resolution to pass or measures to be taken. What is the solution then? There has not been concrete support from the international community, simply because the US is the most hegemonic country and no State would want to ruin their diplomatic relations. I believe that us, as human beings are the most powerful entity if we come together. History has shown that popular revolt was able to achieve great things. I encourage everyone to take action and support the country of Palestine and its people, our brothers and sisters.

Archive #3

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           King Hassan II along with (left to right): Ahmed Bahnini, Mohamed Benhima, Dey Ould Sidi Baba and Abdelkader Benslimane. Council of Ministers in the Royal Palace of Rabat. Back in the 70’s.

Archive #2

Abdelkader Benslimane & Nelson Mandela

       Abdelkader Benslimane with Nelson Mandela. In Morocco, he was appointed Minister of Trade, Industry, Mines and Merchant Marine in 1972. Lawyer with a flair for administration brought him into the cabinet office of the Ministry of Finance, quickly proving his ability. He became an ambassador at the age of 34 and his career was marked with rapid advancement. His talents as an economist drew him to the banking world and his success there took him into the cabinet at 40. He is my other source of inspiration, an amazing man, my dear grandfather.

   Archive #1

         Moroccan Ambassador Dey Ould Sidi Baba and his wife at the United Nations headquarters, in New York City back in the 60’s. This beautiful woman is rocking a traditional Moroccan outfit « The Caftan ». In 1963, Dey was appointed Permanent Delegate Ambassador to the United Nations and Morocco’s representative in the United Nations Security Council. Within the UN, he chaired the commission appointed by the Security Council to investigate border incidents between Vietnam and Cambodia. In 1966, he was appointed vice-president of the United Nations General Assembly. He is my daily source of inspiration, my motivation, my late grandfather. May he Rest In Peace.


Special Dedication

Dey Ould Sidi Baba & Abdelkader Benslimane

        I dedicate this blog to both my grandfathers: Dey Ould Sidi Baba (left) and Abdelkader Benslimane (right). I also dedicate it to my parents, and to everyone having the same hope and aspiration for our future.