Helsinki Summit 2018: Trump Against The World

       Donald Trump managed to get everyone against him after the summit in Helsinki on July 16, with Vladimir Putin. A flood of negative comments even from Fox News which usually supports the President. Whether it is the media, the American people, democrats, republicans, everyone is in shock following the surrealist press conference between Trump and Putin. Trump has just collaborated with Russia, in front of everyone. He refused to condemn Moscow for its interference during the U.S. presidential elections and is therefore accused of supporting the “enemy” against U.S. intelligence.

     Let’s remember that in December 2016, the U.S. government accused the Russian government of interfering with the presidential elections leading to the Russiagate affair and made the most important diplomatic reprisals against Russia since the Cold War. It started in September 2016, when Tim Kaine claimed that Donald Trump encouraged Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails. Two days later, Hilary declared that Trump encouraged Moscow to spy on her. In December 2016, Obama claimed that Russian cyber-activists intended to influence the presidential election. Then, the FBI published an informal note on “malicious Russian cyber-activities”. In March 2017, Comey revealed that the FBI was investigating. In May 2017, Donald Trump fired FBI director James Comey. This has provoked a major controversy in the U.S. and raised questions about Trump’s relations with the Russians.

     According to sources from the White House, a report was prepared for Trump, very detailed, asking him to stick to a narrow position. However, it seems like he didn’t listen. By doing so, a new world order has been created. Trump’s admiration for authoritarian presidents is influencing his decision making and the entire world and alliances system. 

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