Iranian Teen Arrested for Dancing

        Maedeh Hojabri is an 18-year-old young Iranian woman. She was arrested for posting videos on Instagram, dancing while not wearing the veil. Her “forced” confessions on national news caused a wave of indignation on the Web. Since then, she has her own hashtag and many Iranian citizens, sometimes journalists and political activists, have released their dance clip in support of Maedeh Hojabri #Beraghs_ta_beraghsim 

           The Iranian cyberpolice (FATA) had announced a month earlier the arrest of some Iranians who are accused of publishing “immoral content” on Instagram. Last week, a TV channel aired a thirty-minute program entitled “The Documentary of the Bad Road”, which showed three girls and a boy confessing to having published images of their dances or parties, “undermining Islamic morality.” In the Islamic Republic of Iran, women must cover their entire body except for their face and hands. In the public space, the police of the mores ensures the respect of the dress codes, and the outlaws, both men, and women are sometimes arrested and taken to the police station, where they must ask their relatives to bring them clothes “decent clothes” before being released.

        As a Muslim, I feel extremely sad for the Iranian people who are still not free, especially women. Many people think that the veil is a religious thing while it is much more cultural. Wearing the veil has to be a choice and I totally respect those who wear it. However, forcing women to cover their bodies and hair, is to me, not ethical. Women should be free to wear whatever they feel like. Justifying these laws on religion is even worse. So I support Maedeh Hojabri and all Iranian people transgressing laws to free themselves. Free yourself, dance, sing, do whatever makes you happy! 

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